LeapSmart In Your School!

LEAPSMART strengthens bodies, brains and communities!

Why we stand out....

  • We offer a huge variety of programming such as YOGA, GYMNASTICS, CREATIVE MOVEMENT & ZUM-KIDS 
  • Inspiring professional development workshops keep staff excited about teaching.
  • LeapSmart can customize our programs to fit your needs.
  • LeapSmart works with all children including special needs.
  • A LeapSmart fundraiser is a new way to raise money for your school
  • We are affordable!

Who we are...

  • Leapsmart is committed to Educating the Whole Child.
  • All programs are carefully designed to be age appropriate and develop children’s physical, cognitive,
    social and psychological awareness.
  • Our goal is to encourage every child to find his/her path to a stronger self.
  • Each LeapSmart Certified Teacher is dedicated to building skills,  self confidence, encouraging
    cooperation and emphasizing respect.

Where we’ve been...

  • Leapsmart programs have educated thousands of children for over 15 years!
  • Just as children learn and develop, Leapsmart is committed growth, innovation
    and keeping in step with the latest developments in educational research.

And there’s more...

  • Affordable Educational Kits that give teachers materials and lessons that enhance their
  • Innovative Classroom Solutions program designed to coach teachers in effective classroom
    management techniques and provide personalized solutions.