LeapSmart in Your Child's Classroom

With all the programs out there, how does LeapSmart compare?boy jumping

  • Parents love Leapsmart because it gives kids a way to have fun while promoting creative thinking, health and fitness, not just providing entertainment.
  • When LeapSmart is in your child's school you know they are getting a high quality program with certified instructors.
  • Parents appreciate the written memos that LeapSmart provides so they know what their children are learning.
  • With LeapSmart in your child's school parents don't have to pay for additional expensive programs outside of school.

What about my Special Needs Child?

Our programs are designed for every kind of student in both general and special education programs.


Leapsmart educational kits are easy to use, affordable and a great way to promote fitness and creative thinking.

Parties and More!

  • A LeapSmart party is customized celebration for your child.
  • LeapSmart's Yoga Cards and colorful Action Cards bring families together with games and activities that are fun for play-dates, parties or solo creative play.