Why Choose LeapSmart?

Why Choose LeapSmart?

There are so many programs out there. How do you choose? Here are some ways that LeapSmart surpasses any other program and why it is so successful:yellow dress

Fifteen Advantages of Leapsmart over other Children’s Programs

  1. LeapSmart was created by internationally-renowned choreographer, Monica Levy
  2. Affordability
  3. Variety of programs
  4. Classes easily accommodate any size instructional space
  5. Appropriate for special needs without complicated or time consuming adaptation
  6. On-line training and unique personal mentoring program with LeapSmart founder
  7. Easy to use lesson structure that alternates energetic and calming activities so that kids leave with renewed focus
  8. Full integration of physical, social, psychological and cognitive skills in every lesson
  9. Comprehensive Business Package with all the materials you need to get started.
  10. Personal business development support.
  11. You keep 100% of your profits
  12. Opportunity to grow your business by hiring teachers to work for YOU!
  13. Free Bonus specialized curriculum received annually
  14. Free invite to the annual Leapsmart master teacher training workshop with director: Monica Levy
  15. Free Web Presence on www.leapsmart.org

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